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What is an Insurance Adjuster?

Most of us know what an insurance company is. But just what is an insurance adjuster? Sometimes it’s not clear who adjusters are and how they’re trained for the job. (After all, how many colleges offer “insurance adjusting” as a major?) To get some answers, we went behind the scenes with Chad Smith, a property claims specialist at Erie Insurance who handles large losses. Read on to... Read Article

Motorcycle Awareness: 4 Tips for Sharing the Road

Every year, millions of motorcyclists head out on the highways to enjoy the open road.   But while the thrill of cruising on two wheels has definite appeal, it also has a potential downside: safety.  The truth is, motorcycle riders face much bigger safety risks than drivers of cars and trucks. In fact, estimates from the federal government show the number of deaths per mile traveled... Read Article
  • Ethan Waita
    You gotta give them a call and see what you could save!
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    He will shop around for you to find the insurance that best fits your needs.
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    He's the best.
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    Very punctual and on point with each assignment.
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    He helped me to understand my coverage and had open lines of communication.
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    I trust many of my life's most valuable assets to Nate at Alfonso Insurance.
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